Magnetite Separation Production Line



Magnetic separation places the leading position in iron ore separation. For weak magnetic and lean iron, Xinhai adopts gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, and roasting magnetic separation; used for strong magnetic iron ore, magnetic separation.


Magnetite Separation Production Line is used to single magnetite with simple ore properties.

【Process Description】

Single weak magnetic separation

This processing flow only uses single magnetic separation, suitable for simple magnetite which is easy to be separated. According to the flow structure, it can be divided into serial grinding – weak magnetic separation and stage grinding – stage separation.

Serial grinding – weak magnetic separation is suitable for magnetite with large disseminated grain size or high iron grade. It can be divided into one stage grinding and serial two serial stage grinding. The grinding production should not be sent to magnetic separation until reaching grain size requirement.

Stage grinding – stage separation is suitable for low grade ores with fine grain size. The roughing magnetic separation should be carried out after the first stage grinding, abandon a part of tailings. The rough magnetic separation concentrates is sent to the second stage of grinding and magnetic concentration. After abandoning large part of tailings, it is advantage for reducing the load of later grinding and separation and reducing costs.

Weak magnetic separation – verse flotation and weak magnetic – concentration

According to the problems that some ore which is hardly to increase concentrate grade, that the SiO2 impurity is too much in iron concentrates, there are weak magnetic separation – verse flotation and weak magnetic separation – concentration.

Weak magnetic separation – concentration i characterized by the conventional magnetic separation of iron concentrate after the use of special equipment to further improve the grade of concentrate. Commonly used magnetic separation equipment including: magnetic separation column, magnetic machine, etc.

Weak magnetic – strong magnetic separation – flotation combined flow

This processing flow is mainly dealing with multiple-metal iron ores and mixed iron ores. According to different characteristics, it can be divided into weak magnetic separation – verse flotation, weak magnetic – strong magnetic separation, and weak magnetic – strong magnetic separation – flotation.


Case 1

Ilmenite Beneficiation Plant in Ecuador, a republic in northwestern South America, is one of our successful cases. This is 3D demo Video of the dressing plant created by our company.

Case 2

A magnetite in Inner Mongolia, the main mental mineral was magnetite with disseminated structure and fine particle distribution. The iron content was about 12-16%. This plant adopted the grinding-weak magnetic process and obtained 65% concentrate grade and 90% recovery rate, but the operation cost is too high after a long time running. It authorized Xinhai to reform the process. Xinhai did not only keep the original indexes, but also reduce the operation costs. Indexes comparison as follow

Comparison of Reformation Process Iron Concentrate Grade /% Iron Concentrate Recovery Rate /%
Before Reformation Three stages grinding, Three stages magnetic separation 65.58 90.15
After Reformation Stages grinding, stages separation 67.81 92.69

Due to the low grade of the iron ore, the stages grinding and stages separation could reduce energy consumption. Cost saving is the key of developing the mine. The fine grinding process has guide significance for similar iron ore

【 Process Flow 】

Magnetite Separation Production Line Magnetite Separation Production Line

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