Mucking Loader


Mucking loader, also known as excavating loader, is combined the manipulator with conveyor. The mucking loader is equipped with grilled slag and transport loading function. It adopts the electric full hydraulic control system and production equipment, which has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency.


1. Adopt the electric full hydraulic transmission

Compact structure, large propulsive force, wide range of picking, it can complete the full section rock loading without the dead angle, and does not need manual assisted cleaning face.

2. The main operation adopts the pilot valve control

It works stable and reliable, and is easy to operate and maintain.

3. High-quality humanized design

The hydraulic system is equipped with air-cooling, seats and driving sheds. The motor is equipped with overload alarm system. The driver can operate the machine safely, easily and comfortably, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.


The backhoe structure is mainly composed of rotary cylinder, big arm, big arm cylinder, forearm, forearm cylinder, bucket, bucket cylinder, chain frame.

The transport tank is mainly composed of transport tank, lift tank cylinder, main drive part, scraper chain, driving sprocket, driven sprocket and transmission hydraulic motor, etc.

The crawler track assembly is mainly composed of crawler frame, driving sprocket, guide wheel, supporting wheel, supporting wheel block, chain track section, crawler plate, buffer spring, tensioning oil cylinder, traveling reducer and traveling hydraulic horse, etc.

Application scopeStructure

Suitable for tunnel excavation, mine engineering, water conservancy engineering and small section water diversion tunnel, mine slag or ore discharging.

Technical Specification

Model ZWY-60-15T Wheel base 1580
Application ≥2.4*2.4 mine Wheel tread 1470
Maximum ore pass size 650*430 Minimum distance from the ground when walking 190
Maximum lifting height of rack mm 2100 Maximum loading height of rack 1500
Suitable loading length ≤1800 Maximum length of the scraper from the mouth 1740
Maximum lifting height of scraper 2600 Power KW 15
The height of the pilot’s head above the ground mm 1800 Maximum slope of conveyor 24°
Overall dimensions mm 6400*1730*1580 Operating weight kg 3200
Maximum rotation angle of the big arm 73° Maximum walking speed km/h 2.4/1.4
Maximum digging force KN 11.1 Slag loading effect t/h 70-140